Autumn colors in Drammen

There are many beautiful places in Japan where we can admire autumn colors. But when Japanese people talk about their country as being very unique because of  the autumn colors, I wonder why.


In Japan I had to travel to certain places to see the colors. Here in Drammen I can just look outside my apartment windows.

IMG_6841 (Medium)The birch outside my little balcony is still half green.

IMG_6843 (Medium)

But other trees are no longer green.

IMG_6912 (Medium)

The view from my living-room. At night the trees are lit up by the road lights.

IMG_6910 (Medium)

I went for an evening walk along the Drammen River on October 8.

 IMG_6849 (Medium)         IMG_6844 (Medium)

IMG_6855 (Medium)                            IMG_6857 (Medium)

IMG_6866 (Medium)

IMG_6859 (Medium)

IMG_6877 (Medium)

IMG_6869 (Medium)                           IMG_6867 (Medium)

IMG_6886 (Medium)

Some of the sculptures along the river.

IMG_6850 (Medium)          IMG_6846 (Medium)

IMG_6864 (Medium)          IMG_6888 (Medium)

Several places along the river you can stop for exercises.

IMG_6865 (Medium)         IMG_6880 (Medium)

The sun disappeared behind the hill.

IMG_6862 (Medium)          IMG_6863 (Medium)

IMG_6896 (Medium)          IMG_6898 (Medium)

IMG_6884 (Medium)

IMG_6900 (Medium)          IMG_6899 (Medium)

It was almost dark before I came home around 7:00 p.m. At night the buildings along the river are colorful.

IMG_6907 (Medium)

PS I have enjoyed autumn colors in September in the mountains of Eastern Norway and in Northern Norway Sep 23 – Oct 6. (I go many places because of my work.) So more pictures  of autumn colors will be published later.   

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Ett svar til Autumn colors in Drammen

  1. marit berget sier:

    Flotte bilder Kari.Ja vi har en fin by.God helg fra Marit

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