More autumn colors in Drammen 紅葉

During the week I was home in Drammen I also brought my camera when walking in the forest of Strømsøåsen (the Strømsø Hill). Whereever I looked around there were yellow trees, also before I reached the forest.

IMG_6925 (Medium)

IMG_6926 (Medium)

The rosehip bushes had got yellow leaves, too.

IMG_6921 (Medium)

IMG_6948 (Medium)                 IMG_6949 (Medium)

IMG_6947 (Medium)

 Yellow trees everywhere also in the forest!

IMG_6933 (Medium)                 IMG_6931 (Medium)

The little lake, Blekktjern.

IMG_6940 (Medium)

IMG_6934 (Medium)IMG_6943 (Medium)A Japanese friend asked about the names of the trees.

Honestly speaking, I do not know the English or Japanese names of all trees. So I took  pictures of some of the leaves.  Maybe you can find the names yourself?

IMG_6945 (Medium)  ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

On October 14th I left for Bergen. For hours the autumn colors could be admired from the train windows. Foreign tourists took lots of pictures between Drammen and Geilo. I decided I had enough pictures of autumn colors. But pictures from the mountains after Geilo will be published later.

Along the coast there are seldom beautiful autumn colors – due to the warmer temperature there. Just like Nima and the coast of Shimane prefecture… Therefore I have no such pictures from Bergen or the area north of Bergen that I visited. But I did take pictures. I will publish them when I get time enough to do it.

A week later I came home. In Drammen the colors were still there!

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