By train from Drammen to Oppdal and back again

October 21st – 27th I went to Oppdal, a little town south of Trondheim.

When I boarded the train bound for Trondheim at Oslo Central Station just before 8:00 a.m., it was still a little dark

IMG_7066 (Medium)

 IMG_7204 (Medium)         IMG_7200 (Medium)

IMG_7205 (Medium)

IMG_7199 (Medium)The railroad crosses the Dovrefjell mountain range. These pictures were taken on my way back. Above (上): Mt. Snøhetta (2286 m).

This mountain range is quite different from the mountain area the train to Bergen goes through. The grey color you see in the pictures is what we in Norwegian call reinlav. It is a kind of moss that reindeer like to eat.

Before arriving at Oppdal the train goes through a valley called Drivdalen.

IMG_7197 (Medium)

IMG_7112 (Medium)

IMG_7117 (Medium)          IMG_7115 (Medium)

Oppdal is a small town, 5-600 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountains. It is a place were several valleys connect. There are many farms on the hillside, and the sound of  sheep bells can be heard everywhere. Oppdal is also known for its almond potatoes.

IMG_7072 (Medium)

One day I got a chance to go for a hike  in the mountains.

IMG_7073 (Medium)          IMG_7076 (Medium)

The view from the top of Mt. Svarthaugen (950 m).

IMG_7074 (Medium)

IMG_7075 (Medium)

Oppdal is a quite famous winter resort town in Norway. There are many ski lifts and slopes.

IMG_7081 (Medium)

IMG_7070 (Medium)In the church (Oppdal menighets- og misjonssenter) were I preached at several meetings, there was a beautiful cross. It is made of glass. Looking at it I felt as if Jesus welcomes us to His cross.


IMG_7069 (Medium)

More information about Oppdal and the Dovrefjell mountain range:

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