Drivstua ダグ二先生の自家

IMG_7108 (Medium)When I was new in Japan in 1980, Dagny Drivstuen (1916 – 94) was one of the grand old missionaries. She had been working in Japan since 1949. Before that she had been a missionary to China.

Dagny grew up on a farm in the Drivdalen valley, a few kilometers from the center of Oppdal.

My host drove me to the farm where Dagny was born and grew up. What I did not know, was the fact that her home was an old  «skyss-stasjon». That means, an inn in the old days for people travelling on foot or by horse between Lillehammer and Trondheim.

ダグ二先生 (1916 – 94) と呼ばれた宣教師が1949年に日本に来られ、何十年間西日本福音ルーテル教会に働きました。私は1980年に初めて日本に行きました。その時、ダグ二先生が定年退職する手前でした。OPPDAL ではダグ二先生が少し有名人だと分かりました。それで私はダグ二先生の働きを続けているような見方のミッション・フレンドが多かったです。


IMG_7102 (Medium)

Dagny’s last name was Drivstuen. The name of this place – and also the railway station –  is Drivstua. The meaning is the same. The house below was built in the 19th century! Her relatives live there now. But it is no longer an inn. After the railroad was built, fewer and fewer people stayed at the Drivstua Inn.

IMG_7083 (Medium)

IMG_7084 (Medium)          IMG_7085 (Medium)

IMG_7086 (Medium)IMG_7082 (Medium)IMG_7092 (Medium)

 Storage houses.

Relatives live in the «new» house, too.

The barn is also quite old. In the old days a barn in this district was often built of stones and wood – to make it warmer for the cattle and sheep.

IMG_7087 (Medium)


IMG_7088 (Medium)

PS. I have got permission to publish these pictures.

Wikipedia does not have anything about Drivstua in English or Japanese. But here is a link in Norwegian:    http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drivstua_Fjeldstue

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