Oslo Opera House オスロ・オペラハウス

In 2007 Norway finally got its new opera house. It was designed by the famous Norwegian company, Snøhetta. In August this year I finally got a chance to see it. It was really impressive! I hope to get a chance to attend a concert there while I am in Norway!!!


IMG_6550 (Medium)

The building is shaped to look like an iceberg rising from the water. The exterior surfaces are covered by Italian marble and white granite.

People can walk on the roof. 屋根の上に散歩が出来る。

IMG_6554 (Medium)          IMG_6551 (Medium)

IMG_6558 (Medium)          IMG_6559 (Medium)

From the roof we see the Oslo Fiord and the port.フィオルドと港のビュウ。

IMG_6562 (Medium)

We also get a panorama view of the city. Holmenkollen Ski Jump in the background.

IMG_6555 (Medium)

The interior surfaces are covered by oak.

IMG_6564 (Medium)                               IMG_6563 (Medium)

 Here is a link to more information in English about Oslo Opera House. No Japanese available.


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