Sightseeing in Oslo オスロの観光

When guests come from Japan, we always go sightseeing in Oslo for one day. I always start at the Bygdøy peninsula. I go there by car, but you can also go there by shuttle boat. The boat arrives at the pier on the picture below. As you can see, the boat ride is not very long.

A good idea for sightseeing in Oslo is to buy an Oslo Pass.   (日本語)

IMG_6489 (Medium)

At Bygdøy we find several famous museums. My Japanese guests enjoy them all. Here are some pictures from each one of the museums.


The Fram Museum

IMG_6475 (Medium)                               IMG_6478 (Medium)

This is the ship that Roald Amundsen used when he went to the South Pole. We can go inside and see different rooms. There is a piano in the living-room (left). There is a doctor’s room on board, too (right). 南極に行った船

IMG_6477 (Medium)          IMG_6476 (Medium)

IMG_6479 (Medium)          IMG_6480 (Medium)

The ship has also been used by an expedition to the North Pole. It was stuck in the ice for many months, so that the men on board cøuld do research. A sledge used at the South Pole.

The Kon-Tiki Museum

In this museum there are exhibitions of all Thor Heyerdahl’s expeditions. Below you can see the «Ra».

IMG_6481 (Medium)


IMG_6486 (Medium)

The Viking Ship Museum

IMG_6234 (Medium)

IMG_6506 (Medium)IMG_6505 (Medium)

The wood carving is beautiful. Everything is original.

This ship is called Oseberg.

IMG_6233 (Medium)                          IMG_6495 (Medium)

The ship below – the Gokstad ship – is quite different, isn’t it? This was probably a ship used for war. It belonged to a man. The Oseberg ship probably belonged to a lady, and therefore was more fancy. Both were made in the 9th century AD.

IMG_6504 (Medium)

The ships were used to bury dead people in. The little «house» on the picture below is where the dead person was laid to rest aboard the ship.

Not all ships were preserved as well as the Oseberg and the Gokstad ships. The Tune ship (the picture to the right) was built around 900 AD.

IMG_6491 (Medium)          IMG_6492 (Medium)

In the Viking Age Norwegians were not Christians. The vikings believed they would go to another world after death. Together with the dead person necessary things for the after-life were buried. The things you see below were found in the Oseberg ship. In the museum you can see a lot more!

The vikings believed there would be both summer and winter in the next life. A sledge was prepared for the winter.

IMG_6496 (Medium)          IMG_6498 (Medium)

Necessary equipment for horses and for the kitchen.

IMG_6500 (Medium)                             IMG_6499 (Medium)

Even combs and shoes have been found.

IMG_6503 (Medium)          IMG_6502 (Medium)

IMG_6497 (Medium)                             IMG_6507 (Medium)

               A bucket

IMG_6501 (Medium) IMG_6508 (Medium)

The ships were found during road construction. Little hills to be levelled were actually old graves.  The earth had preserved the wood and everything for hundred of years. The Viking Age (ヴァイキング時代) was approximately 790-1100 AD.


Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

IMG_6237 (Medium)                            IMG_6238 (Medium)

In this museum there are exhibitions of both city and countryside. There are old farms from each valley in the eastern part of Norway. They all have different traditions. Meeting cows and other animals makes us feel that we really are in the countryside. Here and there we can even buy some traditional food.

IMG_6236 (Medium)This is an old stave church from 1216 AD. It was moved to the museum from Gol in 885.

There are several preserved stave churches in Norway. Later I will introduce you to the one that is on the Unesco list of world heritage. I will also publish more from sightseeing in Oslo.


For more information about the different museums:    〔コンティキ 日本語)

(ヴィキング船博物館 日本語):


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  1. Sigrid sier:

    Hei igjen 🙂
    Så kjekk informasjon. No har du lært meg meir om Kon-Tiki enn eg hugsar frå skulen.
    Takk for at du tok kontakt. Satsar på vi sjåast før du reiser vidare på Noregs turne!

    mvh Sigrid

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