Sightseeing in downtown Oslo オスロ市内の観光

After Bygdøy I take my guests to downtown Oslo.

The King’s  residence, Slottet. 王様の宮殿

IMG_6533 (Medium)IMG_6534 (Medium)

The guards outside do not mind being photo-graphed together with tourists. They even answer questions.

The city hall, Rådhuset. 市役所 Every year in December the Nobel Peace Price is handed out here.

IMG_6531 (Medium)  IMG_6532 (Medium)

    The Parliament building, Stortinget. 国会

Most Japanese want to visit the Munch Museum. I prefer to take my guests to the National Gallery of Art, Nasjonalgalleriet, because it is so close. It saves time. But it also gives my Japanese friends an opportunity to see more than Munch. 国立美術館

There is one room with Munch’s paintings. During the summer photograpy is not allowed in that room, because of the many visitors. But in the other rooms we may take as many pictures as we want.

Let me introduce you to some of the famous ones from the national romantic period.

Brudeferden i Hardanger        The wedding in Hardanger

IMG_6528 (Medium)

Soria Moria                                                                   Winter Night in the Rondane Mountains

IMG_6530 (Medium)          IMG_6529 (Medium)

The Grindelwald Glacier                                              Leiv Erikson Discovering America

IMG_6527 (Medium)          IMG_6525 (Medium)

Below: a painting of a real place in Sogn. I will publish my pictures from this glacier later.

IMG_6526 (Medium)

Read other people’s recommendation of the National Gallery of Art:  (English)  〔日本語)

My recommendation (a collection of many of the paintings from the National Gallery. Munch also included.):   (Norwegian language, but hardly any text)

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