More pictures from Sunnmøre

The meetings I had at Sunnmøre were held at Valle and Skodje. In these two places there are many warmhearted mission friends, who pray for Japan.


IMG_7226 (Medium)

Skodje is the little town in the background. Valle is outside the picture to the right. The water is not a lake, but part of a fiord.

IMG_7229 (Medium)

Valle is actually on a ridge between two fiords.

IMG_7235 (Medium)

The view from the house where I stayed.   泊まる家から見た景色。

IMG_7240 (Medium)

Some pictures taken during a walk across the ridge. The fiord is Storfjorden.


IMG_7244 (Medium)

During my walk I passed by a campground. Let me introduce you to one kind of camping life in Norway.


IMG_7246 (Medium)

Many Norwegians park their trailers at the campground and pay for the year. They build a little hut with a veranda at the entrance and even make a little garden around the place.

IMG_7249 (Medium)          IMG_7250 (Medium)

It is also possible to rent cabins. The sign board at the entrance had no English! Only German and Norwegian. During the summer there are a lot of German tourists in this part of the country…


IMG_7251 (Medium)          IMG_7258 (Medium)

Most trailers have bathrooms, but for day visitors to the little beach, for those who stay in tents, and others who need it, there is a little wooden hut for men and women with «cerain needs»… トイレー(下)はすてきでしょうか?

IMG_7253 (Medium)

I also passed by a timber company.

What a mix! A lot of timber beside leisure boats – With moutains in the background. By the way, some mountains in this part of Norway are called Sunnmørsalpene (the Sunnmøre Alps). 山が Sunnmøreアルプスと呼ばれる。

IMG_7256 (Medium)

Sunnmøre はいかがでしょうか。

今度、ノルウェーの一番長いフィオルド(ソグネフィオルド)を紹介します。8月にとった写真ですが… ご覧下さい。


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