Walking on the glacier 氷河の上のハイキング

There are many glaciers in Norway. The biggest one is Jostedalsbreen. (breen = the glacier 氷河) It is a national park. The lenght is more than 60 km, and the thickest part is 600 meters. It is the largest glacier in Europe!


Jostedalsbreen has many branches. One of them comes down not too far from my friend’s house. That part is called Nigardsbreen.

We drove to Nigardsbreen one day. The road goes through a narrow valley.

IMG_6371 (Medium)          IMG_6374 (Medium)

But here and there were farms and sheep.

IMG_6421 (Medium)          IMG_6427 (Medium)

From far away we could see the glacier!

IMG_6376 (Medium)

We came driving up the valley, parked the car on the left side of the little lake, and went by a small shuttle boat across across the lake. 駐車場は小さい湖の向こう。

IMG_6385 (Medium)

On each side the mountain sides are steep – with little or no vegetation. Many waterfalls.

IMG_6417 (Medium)                        IMG_6413 (Medium)

From the boat we have to walk up to the glacier.

IMG_6416 (Medium)          IMG_6383 (Medium)

IMG_6411 (Medium)

We tried glacier hiking. 氷河のハイキング。

IMG_6387 (Medium)

On our feet we had spikes. Each person had the rope tied around his or her waist. The distance between each person is important. The rope should neither be too tight nor too loose.


IMG_6388 (Medium)                             IMG_6390 (Medium)

Happy hikers!

IMG_6398 (Medium)          IMG_6393 (Medium)

IMG_6397 (Medium)

IMG_6404 (Medium)

The river from the glacier to the fiord has a very special color. The water is very, very cold!


IMG_6419 (Medium)

Finally, look at the picture below. Do you see the people taking pictures right beside the glacier? That is extremely dangerous!!! Sometimes big pieces of ice fall off the glacier.

2-3 days before we went to Jostedalsbreen, a German couple was killed while their two little children were watching them. Why? They did not obey the sign-board saying this is dangerous. They crossed the rope saying «Do not enter!» Taking unique pictures became more important than being careful.

Imagine the local people taking care of those children while searching for relatives in Germany. How do you comfort such children till their relatives are found and could come to Norway to take the children home? They had also put in danger the rescue team who had to get the two bodies out.

This was top news on national television and in all newspapers for several days before we went there. Our hiking was safe. We went with professional guides in safe areas of the glacier.

We saw the sign-boards explaining the danger and ropes with «police – do not enter!» written in English. And we saw many foreigners paying no attention to it.

 IMG_6412 (Medium)


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Ett svar til Walking on the glacier 氷河の上のハイキング

  1. Borghild Friestad sier:

    Eg vart ganske nostalgisk av å lesa innlegget og sjå på bileta. For ein del år sidan var eg på same breen. Mannen min og eg var dei einaste norske i følget! Akkurat då me var der, bles det varm fønvind frå dalen og opp på breen. Det er noko av det mektigaste eg har opplevd ute i naturen. Etter dine vakre bilete å døma, må visst breen ha minka?

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