Flåm and Undredal 

Before we drove back to Drammen (in August), I wanted my Japanese guests to see Flåm and Undredal in Sogn.

Flåm is a little village in the bottom of the fiord called Aurlandsfjorden. The famous Flåm Railroad ends there. 有名なフロム鉄道の終点の駅の村

IMG_6448 (Medium)

Also many cruise ships come to Flåm.

IMG_6449 (Medium)

My grandfather came from Undredal. He met my grandmother outside Drammen and settled down there. 祖父の故郷

Until recently the only way to get to Undredal was by boat. When I was a little girl, we had to park the car far away in Lærdal and go by ferry. Relatives came out in a small rowing boat to the middle of the fiord to meet us. We climbed down from the ferry while American tourists took pictures of us. To the farm of my mother’s uncle we went by horse.

Now we can drive to Undredal. There are two long tunnels between Flåm and Gudvangen. Between them there are only a few hundred meters (in the shadow in the photo below), and that is where the road down to Undredal starts.

IMG_6456 (Medium)

Guess who welcomed us? Or maybe I should say: Guess who tried to prevent us from driving there? 道の中に山羊いっぱい。

IMG_6455 (Medium)

IMG_6452 (Medium)

IMG_6453 (Medium)

Undredal is actually famous for its goat cheese!


IMG_6459 (Medium)          IMG_6458 (Medium)

Fiord view from the pier at Undredal.

We drove through the Aurlandsdalen valley and across the mountains to Hallingdal, and arrived in Drammen late at night.

IMG_6461 (Medium)

There were many traffic signs warning us about sheep in the tunnels. We did meet some!  They seemed surprised to see us… I had to drive very, very carefully, because some of the sheep did not bother to move… トンネルの中に羊が休んでいた。

IMG_6463 (Medium)

More information about the Flåm Line (Railroad), Undredal and the famous Undredal ost (cheese):


http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%83%95%E3%83%AD%E3%83%A0%E7%B7%9A    (日本語)




PS    I went to Israel December 1-10. That is why I have not published anything recently. I hope to publish more before Christmas, but the days ahead will be quite busy…

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