December 12月 (2014)

December has been a month with great variation in my life. On December 1st I went to Israel. The weather there was quite warm. So I enjoyed both an afternnon swim in the Dead Sea and a morning swim in the Mediteranean Sea.


IMG_7539 (Medium)          IMG_7685 (Medium)

In Caesarea

IMG_7638 (Medium)

When I came back to Norway on December 10th, it was winter!


IMG_7987 (Medium)

IMG_7988 (Medium)

Life has been somewhat busy after I came home, so I have many unwritten Christmas letters. No cookies have been made either. I have spent Christmas with my sister and brother and their families (and one Japanese).

I have taken some pictures of the Christmas decoration in Drammen.


IMG_7997 (Medium)    IMG_7999 (Medium)

IMG_7990 (Medium)    IMG_7993 (Medium)

IMG_7995 (Medium)

It is too late to wish the readers of my blog merry Christmas. But I want to wish you all a blessed and happy new year!

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