Happy New Year

I suppose nobody else greets people with «Happy New Year» any longer. We are already more than halfway through January. But since I have not been able to do it earlier, I want to greet all the readers of my blog now: Happy New Year! Better late than never…

I spent Christmas and New Year with my brother and sister and their families.

IMG_8022 (Medium)          IMG_8024 (Medium)

IMG_8020 (Medium)There was little snow in Østfold (prefecture) at Christmas, but it suddenly became very cold. One day the temperature was below  -10 ℃.

We went for walks anyway – wearing woolen clothes from top to toe. Even the dog got winter clothes on.


On New Year’s Day we woke up late and could look down on the fog that covered downtown Lillehammer, while we enjoyed  sunshine.


IMG_8045 (Medium)

I wanted to try my new skis, so we decided to go skiing at Sjursjøen. There was some fog there, too. But after a while the afternoon sun broke through the fog.

IMG_8059 (Medium)          IMG_8054 (Medium)

At the end of the little ski trip we could see the moon.

IMG_8067 (Medium)


At Sjursjøen many people enjoyed crosscountry skiing on New Year’s Day.

IMG_8053 (Medium)          IMG_8058 (Medium)

In Norway skiing starts at age zero! There are many kinds of sledges for the infants.

IMG_8056 (Medium)          IMG_8060 (Medium)

IMG_8057 (Medium)And why not combine skiing with walking the dog?


 Maybe it is too late to introduce you to Norwegian Christmas dinners. But let me do it anyway.

There is not one kind of Christmas dinner in Norway. Different regions have different traditions. That means, most people in the western and northern parts of the country eat «pinnekjøtt»  (lamb or mutton – left picture below), while most people in the eastern part eat «juleribbe» (pork ribs) together with special Christmas pork sausages and large pork meat balls (right picture below). In recent years turkey has also become a popular Christmas dinner. I got the chance to enjoy both traditions!


  マットンリブ(西、北)             豚のスペアリブ(東)

IMG_7985 (Medium)          IMG_8002 (Medium)

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