Visiting mission friends ノルウェーでの働き

Since the last weekend in August 2014 I have been traveling to different places in Norway to visit mission friends and preach at different kinds of meetings. To publish pictures of all the people I have met is impossible. But let me introduce you to different types of  gatherings I have visited.

I have preached at women’s weekend camps at Livoll (left, 左) and Åreld (right, 右).

クリスチャン・キャンプ 女性のためのキャンプ

IMG_6605 (Medium)          IMG_6668 (Medium)

I teach from the Bible in the morning and have some program about Japan in the late afternoon or at night. Hiking in the mountains is also part of the program. We take lunch with us. 山のハイキングもプログラムに入っている。

IMG_6662 (Medium)          IMG_6666 (Medium)

We were blessed with beautiful weather. The view from the top was wonderful!

IMG_6665 (Medium)

IMG_6661 (Medium)At one women’s camp I was challenged to teach ikebana. I bought some roses, but collected branches and other plants nearby. 買ったバラと山に見つけた紅葉の枝などの材料で生花を教えたこともありました。

Some «bedehus» (prayer houses/ churches/ 祈りの家) are quite big, and many people attend Sunday service or other meetings.

Stjørdal (November 30th) 大きいな集まり

IMG_7380 (Medium)

Some days earlier, when driving deeper and deeper into the forest, I really wondered if anybody really lived there. I saw only trees.

IMG_7316 (Medium)          IMG_7319 (Medium)

But look! There are houses in the forest, too. And a white «bedehus» by the river…

IMG_7331 (Medium)          IMG_7327 (Medium)


IMG_7324 (Medium)

People of different age come together in a little «bedehus» at Øverbygda, a very small village in Trøndelag (prefecture). 小さな集まり。

IMG_7337 (Medium)

IMG_7338 (Medium)IMG_7334 (Medium)

In many homes, and in some churches, wood is preferred for heating. Birch is considered to be the best wood for these stoves. ストーブに白樺が一番!

IMG_7335 (Medium)

I mostly stay in Christian homes. They are families with children, widows, retired couples, or couples who leave for work in the morning. Some people I know. Some people I have never met before they pick me up at the station, the airport or the bus stop. Some live on farms, some in apartments, and some in single family dwellings.

IMG_7367 (Medium)          IMG_7366 (Medium)


This lady, Anne Grete Myraunet, lives on a farm by Trondheimsfjorden (fiord  フィオルド). She was born in Finnmark, close to the Russian border, but married a man from Frosta in Trøndelag.

IMG_7354 (Medium) IMG_7353 (Medium)

On the farm they produce apple juice, honey, cookies, chocolate etc. They also grow strawberries and rasp-berries, and run a campground during the summer.

IMG_7351 (Medium)         IMG_7348 (Medium)

IMG_8099 (Medium)Many Norwegian Christians pray for Japan! It is a privilege for me to meet those people  and share with them the Word of God and  inform about our ministry in Japan.

Sometimes I speak to children, and sometimes children attend house meetings with their parents. They listen carefully, too.



I went to Troms and Finnmark in Northern Norway for two weeks from January 6th. I will publish my pictures of the northern light etc as soon as possible.


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