Winter days in the North – no sunshine! 北ノルウェーの冬の昼間

My first assignment in 2015 was in Troms and Finnmark (prefectures). I flew to Bardufoss on January 6th. The following day I went by bus to Kåfjord and Nordreisa after a house meeting at Målselv. On January 15th I took off from the little Sørkjosen Airport and flew across Finnmark to Vadsø by a small Widerøe plane. I came home to Drammen at midnight January 18th.

Most days the weather was good. But there was no sunshine! For about two months midwinter the days are very, very short and the nights very, very long! In the summer, however, the midnight sun keeps darkness away.

北ノルウェーの冬 二ヶ月間、太陽が現れません。(夏には白夜です。)1月6-18日、仕事で北ノルウェーに行って来ました。下の写真がすべて昼間(午前10ー12時)にとったものです。

The following pictures are taken during a drive from Storslett to Skjervøy between 10:00 and 12:00 a.m.

IMG_8072 (Medium)

IMG_8075 (Medium)          IMG_8074 (Medium)

IMG_8078 (Medium)          IMG_8076 (Medium)

            An underwater tunnel.                                          No sun, but the sky is colorful!

IMG_8079 (Medium)

The Skjervøy Harbor at noon(昼12時). From this small town a lot of fish is sent to Japan!


IMG_8142 (Medium)My friend and I walked her dog at Oksfjord between 12:30 – 2:00 p.m. It is already starting to get dark.

IMG_8143 (Medium)


IMG_8139 (Medium)

The colors in the sky make us understand where the sun is. But the sun itself is hidden.

The landmark mountain at Storslett – around 11:30 a.m.

IMG_8116 (Medium)

The days are actually much, much shorter at Christmas – midwinter. The sun returned to northern Troms and Finnmark a few days after I left. But because of the high mountains you still cannot see the sun in many places. At Svalbard there is absolutely no light even at noon midwinter! Svalbard has total darkness 24 hours a day!


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