Outdoor life on cold days 寒い日のアウトドアーライフ

IMG_8084 (Medium)When I visited Northern Troms in January (7-15th), the lowest temperature was -16℃. The warmest day the temperature was only -6℃. When my host family had to walk the dog, I accompanied them. That means, we went skiing with the dog. I borrowed skis.

Around 1:30 p.m. it was this dark in Reisadalen (valley).

IMG_8085 (Medium)

When it got colder, I needed to borrow warmer clothes – to protect my head and face.


IMG_8107 (Medium)

IMG_8103 (Medium)One day we went skiing with the dog in the evening. It was already dark, so we needed a headlight, too.


IMG_8117 (Medium)People also dress warmly when they drive their car, in case something happends. Wherever they go, whatever they do, they check the temperature and dress accordingly.

Even when going to church they dress as if they are going to spend time outside. Very low temperature is dangerous if you do not dress accordingly.


IMG_8092 (Medium)IMG_8089 (Medium)After school, before going inside, the 8-year-old son likes to practice driving the family’s mini snowmobile on the fields around their house.


Many places in the north snowmobiles are sold in the same stores as cars. Snowmobile tracks can be seen almost everywhere in the mountains.

IMG_8083 (Medium)

Spark (sparkstøtting) – kicksled in English – can also be used during the winter to move around.

More information about kicksled:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kicksled


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