Northern light  Aurora borealis オーロラ

I spent 13 nights in Northern Norway (January 6-18th). Every day I thought: will I see the northern light tonight? It does not show up every night. I saw it only three nights – three nights following each other. The light appeared on the sky, disappeared for a while, and appeared again a little later. The pictures I took the first night were not successful. I experimented a little with my camera, and here you see the result. I must admit that I have seen more wonderful northern light – more like curtains –  some years ago.


First it was very small. 最初は小さかったです。

IMG_8162 (Medium)          IMG_8167 (Medium)

IMG_8200 (Medium)

The third night was the best one. 三番目の晩が一番よかったです。

IMG_8171 (Medium)

IMG_8202 (Medium)                               IMG_8195 (Medium)

IMG_8201 (Medium)

IMG_8173 (Medium)Taking pictures of the northern light was challenging in various ways. My fingers quickly got extremely cold, because I had to take off my gloves to be able to take pictures. I ran inside ever so often to get my fingers warm again.



The pictures of the northern light are all taken in Oksfjord in Northern Troms.

Dette innlegget ble publisert i ノルウェー, Norway og merket med . Bokmerk permalenken.

2 svar til Northern light  Aurora borealis オーロラ

  1. Så fin oppleving og flotte bileter!

    mvh Sigrid 🙂

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