A wonderful flight  素晴らしいフライト

On January 15th I flew from Sørkjosen to Vadsø. With good weather and hardly any wind I had a wonderful flight across Finnmark, the northernmost prefecture in Norway.

The plane came from Tromsø (left part of the map below). Sørkjosen (to the right of Tromsø)  was the first stop on its way to Vadsø. The next stop was Hammerfest. Just like when riding buses and trains, we had several stops. Well, we had two more stops along the coast: Mehamn and Berlevåg. Then down to Vadsø. Except for the first leg – to Hammerfest – which took about half an hour, the other legs took only about 15 minutes each.

IMG_8235 (Medium)


The plane was not very big. Widerøe planes fly to the outskirts of Norway. Departure time was 11:13 a.m. I arrived in Vadsø at 1:44 p.m. There were no seat reservations. I  wanted to look down on fiords and mountains and chose a seat on the right side.

IMG_8203 (Medium)          IMG_8204 (Medium)

But after a while  – what did I see? Yes, sunshine on the wing! The sun had not returned down under. But up in the sky – there it was!


IMG_8206 (Medium)          IMG_8208 (Medium)

Between Sørkjosen and Hammerfest I saw both «sunrise» and sunset – within a few minutes!


IMG_8209 (Medium)

First stop: Hammerfest! Do you know that this is the northernmost town in the world?


IMG_8216 (Medium)

I changed to a seat on the left side when we left Hammerfest. Here the Norwegian coast faces the North Pole. Notice: there is no ice neither in the fiords nor in the ocean!


IMG_8221 (Medium)At this point I was actually closer to the North Pole than to Oslo! The weather was wonderful! The flight was fantastic! I enjoyed every minute!IMG_8220 (Medium)






I looked for Nordkapp – the northernmost place in Norway. Yes, there it was! It was cloudy for a while, but Nordkapp could be seen (below)!


IMG_8229 (Medium)

We stopped in Mehavn and Berlevåg, two small towns along the coast.


IMG_8234 (Medium)

IMG_8243 (Medium)

When we left Berlevåg, it was already a little dark – before 1:30 in the afternoon!

午後1時半前にこんなに暗くなって来ました。実は、東 FINNMARK は TROMSØ より北の方ではなく、東の方です。すごく広い県です。フィンランドより北の方です。そして、イスタンブルとほとんど同じぐらい東の方です。フィンランドとトルコに行くとやはり時計を一時間の違いをセットしないといけません。

I discoverd a difference between the northern part of Troms and the eastern part of Finnmark: morning light and afternoon darkness came about one hour earlier to Vadsø. But Vadsø and eastern Finnmark are not north of Troms, but north of Finland! When you travel to Finland, the time difference is – yes –  one hour. Take a look at the world map. The eastern part of Norway – in the north – is actually further east than Istanbul in Turkey!


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