Driving in Finnmark  フィンマークのドライブ

One evening in Finnmark we drove from Vestre Jakobselv (near Vadsø) to Lebesby. Because it was dark, I did not see anything when we drove to Lebesby. But on our way back the following day we had «daylight» for a while, so I got some pictures.

Along Laksefjorden – the fiord near Lebesby – a little after noon.


IMG_8249 (Medium)

   IMG_8250 (Medium) IMG_8248 (Medium)

We drove across Ifjordfjellet – a mountain area only 3-400 m above sea level.

 IMG_8260 (Medium)  IMG_8261 (Medium)


The white mountains in the «evening» light  – around 1:30 p.m. – were so beautiful that I asked for a short stop to take some  pictures.

IMG_8259 (Medium)

IMG_8256 (Medium)A little chapel in the mountains. But why?

This is an area where the Sami people stay part of the year with their reindeer. Here they have a chance to attend church.


We drove along Varangerfjorden (フィオルド、下)in the morning on our way to church my last day in Finnmark.  This fiord is different from the other fiords in Finnmark, because its direction is west – east. The mountains on the other side of the fiord are in Norway. But a little further east we can see the Russian coast on clear days.

We stopped by the fiord because I was fascinated by the sky and the light.

 IMG_8262 (Medium)

But right after the picture was taken, I turned my head to the left, and, wow…! A big cloud  was approaching from Russia. Weather changes quickly in this part of the country!


IMG_8263 (Medium)

Before I managed to get inside the car, it started snowing. The wind blew the snow around, and we could no longer see the mountains across the fiord.

IMG_8264 (Medium)          IMG_8265 (Medium)

The reindeer grazing between the fiord and the road did not seem to mind the snow…


IMG_8267 (Medium)

IMG_6603 (Medium)


What do reindeer eat? Snow? Oh, no!

During the winter about 90% of what reindeer eat is the plant on the picture to the left. In Norwegian it is called reinlav – a kind of moss that is very dry and crisp. The reindeer find it under the snow.

Reindeer along the road – or in the middle of the road –  is not uncommon in Finnmark.


Be careful when you drive on E6 during the summer!

IMG_0452 (Medium)          IMG_0441 (Medium)

IMG_0455 (Medium)

IMG_0456 (Medium)          IMG_0444 (Medium)

IMG_0454 (Medium)

These pictures were taken during my summer vacation in 2010, when we were driving  from Alteidet (in Troms) to Alta (in Finnmark).


More information about reindeer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reindeer



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