Food in Northern Norway 北ノルウェーの食事

Finally, let me introduce you to some of the food I was served in Troms and Finnmark in January 2015. 北ノルウェーでいただいた食事を紹介しましょう。

In Målselv I was served some variations of meat from elg moose in English. The host’s hobby is hunting among others. So this meat comes from the animal he and his hunting team shot last fall.

ヘラジカ:ステーキ(左)            ソーセジ、パテー(右)

Dinner: elgstek (moose steak).                                Breakfast/ lunch: moose sausage and pate.

IMG_8068 (Medium)          IMG_8071 (Medium)

Dessert: moltekrem – English: cloudberries. Served with cream seperately, because one of the children do not like these berries. He was served strawberries and cream. (I forgot to take a picture when the bowl was full.)


IMG_8069 (Medium)

In Reisadalen (valley)

IMG_8093 (Medium)

First dinner: reinbuljongreindeer broth. That means, reindeer meat boiled with carrots and rutabaga. The broth is served separately (right), and the meat and vegetables served with potatoes and a kind of sweat-and-sour gravy.


IMG_8094 (Medium)          IMG_8095 (Medium)

Sometimes I was served reindeer – fresh or smoked – cut in small pieces and fried in a friying pan. 他の時、小さく切った生かスモークトナカイのお肉を食べました。

IMG_8109 (Medium)         IMG_8096 (Medium)

I also got a chance to taste dried meat from moose and reindeer.


IMG_8112 (Medium)          IMG_8114 (Medium)

Maybe the meat I was served came from this moose. (Photo: Tore Einevoll)


Homemade meat roll (beef). Eaten with bread. Many Norwegians make rolls for Christmas. 手作りのビーフロールはパンと共に食べました。

IMG_8097 (Medium)

In Vadsø I was served homemade fish balls, cooked in oatmeal soup. First, pour the soup, fish balls and carrots in the soup bowl. Then move the fish balls and the carrots to a dinner plate with potatoes. some people like to have butter on their potaoes. The soup is eaten alternately.


IMG_8246 (Medium)          IMG_8247 (Medium)

IMG_8268 (Medium)This is not Norwegian food…

In a home in Vadsø they have treassured this coaster from Japan for many years. It has been on their wall since 1979, reminding them about prayers for Japan. On the back side a greeting is written by Rev. Shigeru Masaki, who visited the town with his two sons. He preached, and the sons sang and gave their testimonies. The mission friends in Vadsø have never forgotten this!



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