To Bergen again またベルゲンへ

The last week of January I went by train to Bergen. My meetings were at Sotra and Øygarden, some islands outside Bergen. From Bergen I went by bus. The weather got worse and worse the further west I travelled. And it rained all day almost all week!  It really rained!


The last two days the rain stopped, and I got a chance to see the beauty of those islands.

IMG_8286 (Medium)

IMG_8281 (Medium)

The many islands in Øygarden are connected with bridges nowadays. Earlier they had to go by ferry from island to island. They also had to go by ferry to get to Bergen.


IMG_8296 (Medium)          IMG_8293 (Medium)

IMG_8289 (Medium)At Sotra you see several oil rigs. In recent years Sotra and Øygarden have become important places for the oil industry. You can also see several fish farms.             IMG_8288 (Medium)



On Sunday I preached in Hjelme Church (below) – in the northern part of Øygarden.


IMG_8297 (Medium)          IMG_8299 (Medium)

IMG_8300 (Medium)I was invited for dinner at the home of the couple on the picture to the left: Bjørg and Jacob Blom. They are the owners of the fish farm on the picture above. They are among the many mission friends in Norway who pray for Japan and other mission fields.


IMG_8292 (Medium)During the week I stayed with Laila and her British husband, Andrew. Laila was a missionary to Japan in the 1980s together with her twin sister, Astrid. They worked in Himeji after language studies. Astrid died from cancer a couple of years ago.

 Laila and Andrew pray for Japan daily! We had not met for many years, so we had a lot of things to talk about!

In Laila’s home there are many things from Japan. Here are just a few of them.

              IMG_8291 (Medium)                    IMG_8290 (Medium)

Before I went back to Drammen, I spent two days with friends in the city of Bergen. Again – I stayed in a home with many things from Japan.


IMG_8322 (Medium)          IMG_8323 (Medium)

IMG_8319 (Medium) IMG_8321 (Medium)

Gunnlaug Bøyum has worked mostly in Mie prefecture. She worked as a missionary in Kinki Evangelical Lutheran Church.


When I visited Gunnlaug, the weather was marvellous! The people in this city in the west had not seen the sun since 2014! It rained every day during January! We went to Fløyen to enjoy the wonderful winter weather.


IMG_8301 (Medium)

This is how we get to the top of Fløyen: Fløibanen. The 850 meter long ride by the funicular takes about 8 minutes. Fløien Station is situated at 320 meters above sea level.

IMG_8312 (Medium)          IMG_8311 (Medium)

Bergen seen from Fløyen. (Sotra and Øygarden in the far back).

Fløyen では最高のパノラマビューがあります。

 IMG_8303 (Medium)

Many people – citizens of Bergen and lots of foreigners – enjoyed the sun and the snow.

IMG_8309 (Medium)          IMG_8305 (Medium)

Bergen is surrounded by seven mountains. The highest one is Ulriken (643 m).    ベルゲンのまわりに七つの山があります。上の左の写真には一番高い山が見えます。

IMG_8306 (Medium)

My train back to Drammen departed from Bergen in the afternoon, so Gunnlaug and I had time for a walk in the morning. She lives near the mountains. Isn’t it beautiful? I forgot all the rain the days before while walking in this forest…


IMG_8313 (Medium)

Bergen seen from Natlandsfjellet. Ulriken can be seen to the right, and Fløyen in the middle (forest area).

ベルゲンを別な角度から見ることが出来ました。写真の右側に Ulriken、まん中に Fløyen.

IMG_8316 (Medium)


IMG_8318 (Medium)

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