Winter in Drammen ドラッメンの冬

I am usually away for work for approximtely two weeks. Then I am home for about one week. I hoped there would be enough snow for skiing while I was home this winter. I just love crosscountry skiing! So I am thankful for each chance I have had to go skiing in Drammen!

帰国している間、スキーしたい気持いっぱいでした。仕事では大体二週間 を留守して、家にいるのは大体一週間です。家から二十分ぐらい道を歩いたら、森に入れます。何回もスキーに行くことが出来て、満足しています。

From my home I can walk up some streets for about 20 minutes carrying my skis. Then I come to the forest and put my skis on.

IMG_8270 (Medium)

A machine makes the ski tracks. There are many km of tracks. At night the lights are turned on. So many peolpe go skiing in the evening – after work and dinner.


 IMG_8279 (Medium)                     IMG_8277 (Medium)

Blektjern. The little lake is frozen. 湖

IMG_8272 (Medium)

The sun sets early in January. 一月の昼は短いです。

IMG_8274 (Medium)

The churches in Norway are all lit up during the night. The winter nights are very long!


IMG_6951 (Medium)

Strømsø Church – near my home in Drammen.

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