Treungen – the home of a new missionary 新しい宣教師の故郷

The last week of February I spent at Treungen in Telemark (prefecture). I had never been there before. So I did not know anybody there, I thought. Well…

In this beautiful place many people pray for Japan!


IMG_8375 (Medium)

Nisser – a 40 km long lake 湖

IMG_8373 (Medium)          IMG_8374 (Medium)

IMG_8369 (Medium)

IMG_8378 (Medium)

Why do the Christians at Treungen pray for Japan?

This is where one of our newest missionaries, Johan Leirvik, is from. His parents and grandmother  (picture)  attended the meetings. And the other Christians were eager to hear news from Japan, too.

So at Treungen I included pictures of the Leirvik family in Japan and told them a little about their future place of ministry – Yonago Lutheran Church – pastor Matsumura etc. I also showed them some pictures of beautiful Mt. Daisen.

At the last meeting, Satuday night, we agreed to take a picture of those present that night. So here you see some of those who will pray especially for Yonago from now on.


IMG_8379 (Medium)

Below is a picture of Sonja and Johan Leirvik with their son, Mathias when they visited me at the end of March last year. Please pray for them! They finish language studies this summer, and will start working in September.

IMG_5354 (Medium)

レイルビッご一家 去年の三月末



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  1. Inger Valbø sier:

    Fine bilete og flott presentasjon! Eg håper det er OK at eg deler på Facebook.

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