World Heritage in Alta ノルウェーの一番北の県の世界遺産

When I go to Norway for summer vacation, I usually visit friends in the North, too. During a visit in 2010 I got a chance to see the famous rock carvings at Alta. It is the northernmost World Heritage Site in Norway. We do have rock art in Drammen, too. But visiting the site at Alta made me understand why that place has become World Heritage.

IMG_0457 (Medium)

The area is huge! So walking around the whole place takes time! But it is a very nice walk!


IMG_0462 (Medium)

The first of the more than 6000 carvnings were found in 1973. They were placed on UNESCO’s list in 1985. This is the only prehistoric World Heritage Site in Norway. The earliest carvings have been dated to around 4200 BC. The most recent ones have been dated to around 500 BC.

アルタのロック・アート 1985年に世界遺産のリストに登録されました。

IMG_0459 (Medium)          IMG_0458 (Medium)

IMG_0460 (Medium)

IMG_0463 (Medium)

Pregnant animals are quite unusual in this kind of rock art.


IMG_0461 (Medium)

IMG_0464 (Medium)In between the rocks there are many wild flowers. So walking around is very nice in many ways.


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PS  More than 200 visitors from 10-15 countries have visited my blog the last few days. Thank you! In case you continue to follow me, I want to inform you that my friends in Japan wanted me to share pictures from the places I visit during my home assignment in Norway. Usually I publish as soon as possible after I have been to a place. But sometimes I publish older experiences. Today Finnmark 2010. In the near future I will share with you several pictures from beautiful Troms. I was there a couple of weeks in September/ October last year.

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