Drammen = crazy? いいのかな?

When I came home by train from Hallingdal (valley) late Sunday night on March 8 there was no snow left in the streets of Drammen. Spring has come very early this year, so the snow had melted. Well, there was a little snow up in the hill on the shadow side of town though.

But when I walked home from the station, a truck filled with snow passed by. The following day, my day off, I walked across the bridge. I found snow! Look at the picture below!


IMG_8448 (Medium)

Around the Bragernes Church and down below at the market place there was a lot of snow, and machines moved around and around preparing ski tracks.

IMG_8453 (Medium)

Fences and stands were being put up. People living in the apartment buildings near by would be able to watch the ski race from their verandas (picture below, left).


IMG_8457 (Medium)          IMG_8456 (Medium)

Here and there «hills» had been made, and pedestrians had to walk through manmade tunnels under the snow «hills» (picture above, right).

IMG_8461 (Medium)          IMG_8462 (Medium)

The area around the church looked like a construction site.


IMG_8467 (Medium)          IMG_8469 (Medium)

When more snow arrived, it was soon taken care of.

Why transport all this snow to downtown Drammen? On March 11 there was a worldcup cross-country skiing race in the middle of Drammen! The snow had been produced at Konnerud, the outskirts of Drammen. Somebody told me that the whole arrangement cost around 4 million kroner. To me this kind of artificial ski race is a little crazy. But most citizens seem to enjoy having all the famous cross-country skiing athlets visit their town.

I left Drammen in the morning because of my work, so I neither watched the race nor got  a chance to see any of the famous athlets.


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