4 days at Geilo – a winter resort town リソート町での四日間

Geilo is a famous winter resort town in Norway. Its station (794 m) is approximately halfway  between Oslo and Bergen, so visitors can come by train from both directions. But you also see a lot of cars there, with both Norwegian and foreign license plates.

IMG_8445 (Medium)

2363 people live at Geilo (2013). But there are a lot of hotels, apartments and cottages  there, so at times only about half of the population are local residents.


IMG_8441 (Medium)

Not all the residents of Geilo work within tourism. Actually there is a little hospital where  children from many places come to get help for their asthma. Some families move to Geilo, too, because it is such a good place to live for those who suffer from asthma.


Some people live on farms. 農場もある。

This farm is just below a hotel. They told me that many Japanese tourists walk down there, look inside through the windows, sit down outside, and take a lot of pictures of their flowers and other things. Well, I told them that I doubt Japanese people would do that. Maybe they are Chinese? Well, from now on they will say that many Asian tourists invade their farm…


IMG_8437 (Medium)

At Geilo several people have been praying for me since I first went to Japan in 1980!

The women in the pictures below meet regularly in the homes of each others. They share something from the Bible, sing, read information from missionaries and collect money for mission work. When I visited them the first week of March, I preached from the Bible and showed pictures from my life and ministry in Nima.

IMG_8404 (Medium)

          IMG_8405 (Medium)

IMG_8406 (Medium)          IMG_8409 (Medium)

IMG_8411 (Medium)They always eat together during their home meetings. We were served delicious bread and cakes.

When these ladies saw pictures from Nima, they  commented on things I had written in my letters to them. They were so thrilled to see the church and the village.

I also preached in church. Next time I will publish pictures from Geilo’s new, beautiful, very special church.

I brought my skis to Geilo. Every day during my four days at Geilo I either went skiing or on foot for a couple of hours. Of course I brought my camera…


The first day of skiing I went around a lake.

IMG_8398 (Medium)          IMG_8393 (Medium)

On my way I saw this bridge, put together with no nails. This bridge was rebuilt in the same way as the old one. 釘が入っていない、建て直された古い橋。

IMG_8394 (Medium)

IMG_8395 (Medium)

I also met a troll. It was watching the skiers.


IMG_8399 (Medium)One afternoon, after the meeting in church was finished, my hostess drove me higher up in the mountains. I skied about 15 km and, finally, skied down the mountain to the village. It was so wonderful!

ある午後、集会が終わってからもっと高い山に送っていただきました。山の上に15 kmぐらいスキーでまわってからゲレンデで町まで降りました。楽しかったです!

IMG_8427 (Medium)          IMG_8430 (Medium)

In Norwegian mountains there are cafetarias here and there (picture left). ノルウェーの山の中に喫茶店が所々にある(上、左)。

IMG_8431 (Medium)

I was blessed with good weather. But Hallingskarvet – the highest mountain in the area (1933 m) – was hidden behind clouds both days that I could have seen it.


But here is a link to many beautiful pictures:


IMG_8443 (Medium)

I was served very delicious meals at the home where I stayed. Let me introduce you to two kinds of local homemade lefse. This kind of «cake» has a long tradition in the countryside of Norway. I love to eat lefse! Which one is more delicious is hard to say…!

IMG_8434 (Medium)          IMG_8433 (Medium)


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