A very special church 特別な教会会堂

At Geilo the old church was too little and very inconvenient for different church programs. So they had a new church built in 2010. It is called Geilo kulturkyrkje the Culture Church of Geilo. Its architecture is quite special.


IMG_8382 (Medium)

IMG_8391 (Medium)

In the front of the sanctuary there is a beautiful stained glass window, where the sunshine gives a special light effect at the time of Sunday morning services.

IMG_8413 (Medium)

IMG_8435 (Medium)Christ on the cross is on the wall.

IMG_8436 (Medium)

Candle sticks… everything is quite unique.

IMG_8419 (Medium)The altar and the baptismal font are made of rock! There are no benches, but comfortable chairs.

IMG_8417 (Medium)


IMG_8424 (Medium)When you enter the church, you first come into a big hall, called the market place. Here is a cafeteria. It is open from 11 a.m.to 3 p.m.six days a week, and is run by volunteers. The volunteers also function as guides to the church.

IMG_8423 (Medium)


The pulpit is very simple. They still have not afforded to buy a pipe organ. One organ pipe is hanging from the ceiling to remind everybody to contribute donations for a pipe organ.


IMG_8422 (Medium)

IMG_8420 (Medium)

Outside the church you see the ski slopes of Geilo.


IMG_8425 (Medium)

In this very special church I had the privilege to preach at the Sunday service and other meetings during my visit in March.


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