Walking to Sweden スウェーデンへの散歩

At the end of March I went to Lierne in Nord Trøndelag (prefecture). I had never been there before.

The Christian familiy I stayed with lived very close to the border of Sweden. The border was so close that I got a message from the Swedish Telephone Company informing me about the prices of calls from Sweden, even though I was in Norway.

Since Sweden was so close, I decided to walk to Sweden one day to see what the border  looked like.

スウェデンがただ 3km 離れていましたので、スウェーデンへ散歩しよと思いました。

I walked along this lake for about 3 km.

IMG_8493 (Medium)

The sign says 0,6 km to the border, and 6 km to the closest Swedish village.

IMG_8494 (Medium)          IMG_8495 (Medium)

I thought there might be a little building or something at the border. But nothing could be seen ahead (right picture above).


IMG_8496 (Medium)

You may enter Sweden keeping the speed of 80 km.

80km のスピードでとなりの国に入ってもいいです。

IMG_8506 (Medium)     IMG_8504 (Medium)

Only traffic signs welcome you to Sweden.

But on the picture below you can clearly see where the border goes south through the forest.

IMG_8505 (Medium)

On the other side of the road a fence is the border. The fence is there to protect Norwegian sheep from being eaten by Swedish bears and wolves!


IMG_8502 (Medium)

IMG_8507 (Medium)          IMG_8499 (Medium)

IMG_8497 (Medium)Looking back: these signs welcome you to Norway.


My host family often drives to Sweden, because it is shorter to drive 8 km to a Swedish supermarket than driving 30 km to a Norwegian one.

Besides, grocery shopping is cheaper in Sweden! Therefore, many Norwegians attend bus tours. The buses take them to Swedish supermarkets across the border. The buses are filled up with grocery bags. No other sightseeing!

多くのノルウェー人が食料品の買い物のためにスウェーデンに行って来ます。大分離れている町からバス・ツアーもあります。私の泊まった家がノルウェーの一番近いスーパーから 30km 離れています。スウェーデンに運転したらただ 8km です。その上、ほとんどの食料品のお値段がスウェーデンの方が安いです。

IMG_8536 (Medium)

IMG_8511 (Medium)

During my walk I noticed this sign: an airport. 空港への標識 - びっくり!

IMG_8508 (Medium) IMG_8510 (Medium)But the road up to the airport made  me think that there have been no departures or arrivals recently. Afterwards I heard that the place belonged to a mini plane club.


I also saw a road sign for snow mobiles. Across the street of the Swedish supermarket lots of snow mobiles were lined up for sale.

IMG_8512 (Medium)          IMG_8537 (Medium)



The border between Norway and Sweden is very long. Most places the border goes through forest and mountain areas. Walking from Norway to Sweden often happened during the Second World War. The local farmers who knew the areas risked their lives when helping many people flee from the Germans. The German army could not manage to check such a long border.


From Japan you cannot go abroad by walking across the border. You have to go by plane, and in some places, by boat.


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