The road = the border  道路 = 国境

The road at Lierne is at a certain place very, very close to the border. Well, the road actually is the border, as you can see at the GPS.

The white area is Sweden. The blue area is the lake.  The car drives on an orange road. Beside the car and in front of the car there is a black line. That line is the border.


IMG_8514 (Medium)

 The posistion you see on the GPS picture above, is the same as what you see on the picture below.


IMG_8517 (Medium)

So… if you have an accident in Norway and fall into the ditch, you actually end up in Sweden!  In that case, which country is responsible for the rescue? I asked, but they did not know. So far there has been no accident here…!


Dette innlegget ble publisert i ノルウェー, Norway og merket med . Bokmerk permalenken.

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