Eggs  卵

IMG_8535 (Medium)My host at Lierne, the Himle family, lives on a farm. They raise sheep, but I did not meet any of them. I was allowed, however, to see their egg production. Thousands of hens live in this building.

I visited the hens one morning.

I had to wear a special suit, other shoes and  a mask. The hens walked freely around behind a gate. A vey noisy place!


IMG_8528 (Medium)               IMG_8518 (Medium)

IMG_8521 (Medium)

There are a few cocks there, too. Their main contribution is to make stability in the flock.

IMG_8526 (Medium)

IMG_8525 (Medium)The eggs are automatically brought to the room outside. But it is necessary to check if there are any eggs left on the floor.

IMG_8523 (Medium)


IMG_8529 (Medium)

Most of the work is done by machines. But a human being has to check that everything functions normally.

IMG_8530 (Medium)                   IMG_8532 (Medium)

Every morning – thousands of eggs! I enjoyed eating some of them…

IMG_8533 (Medium)

The Himle family is one of the many Christian families in Norway that pray for missionaries and support the mission. It is my privilege to meet so many of them during my one year furlough in Norway and be able to give thanks for their prayers.


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