Easter in the North 北ノルウェーで過ごしたイースター

Easter is a holiday in Norway. Schools are off from the Palm Sunday weekend till a couple of days after Easter Sunday. Many people are off from work the whole week, too. I worked! The Palm Sunday weekend I spoke to children at a Bible camp in Trøndelag. From Maundy Thursday till Easter Sunday I went to Finnmark, the northernmost prefecture, to preach at Easter meetings at Karalaks Bible Camp. So I had to fly to Lakselv.


The weather was excellent for photography from the little Widerøe plane between Tromsø and Lakselv.

In the middle of the picture below you can see Øksfjorjøkelen, the 9th largest glacier in Norway. It is in the Loppa and Kvænangen municipalities.


IMG_8543 (Medium)

IMG_8546 (Medium) IMG_8553 (Medium)

To the left you see the valley where my friend Marit grew up.


Finnmarksvidda,  Norway’s largest mountain plateau, (高原)was all white (right 上右). At Karasjok, a village at Finnmarksvidda, they have meassured the coldest winter temperature in Norway – minus 51℃. (1886) But summer temperature up to 32,4 ℃ has also been recorded there.

Lakselv is at the bottom of Porsangerfjorden (fiord フィオルド).

IMG_8556 (Medium)

This fiord goes south – north, and is one of the few fiords in Norway that freezes during the winter.

IMG_8574 (Medium)          IMG_8578 (Medium)

IMG_8573 (Medium)

I was told that many Japanese and other foreigners come here to see the norhtern lights.

Karalaks Bible Camp


IMG_8588 (Medium)

IMG_8594 (Medium)          IMG_8592 (Medium)

The area around Karalaks.

IMG_8596 (Medium) IMG_8597 (Medium)No problem walking on the lakes. The ice was very, very thick!


I had some delicious meals at Karalaks. The day when I was not served reindeer meet for dinner, I was served red king crab.

IMG_8558 (Medium)          IMG_8572 (Medium)


IMG_8598 (Medium) IMG_8600 (Medium)Reindeer steak for dinner at Easter Sunday. Served with baked potatoes, gravy with mushrooms, brussels sprout (メキャベツ), lingonberries (コケモモ), and corn.

I will introduce you to Easter outdoor life in Finnmark next time. Let me finish this time with a picture taken from the SAS flight from Tromsø to Oslo. Departure time: 8:55 pm. But we were delayed. So this sunset above the clouds was about 9:30 pm (April 5th)!

IMG_8603 (Medium)

4月5日(日)、トロムソを出発してからの見た夕日 午後9時半ごろ!後もう少し白夜の時期です…

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