Outdoor life in Finnmark during Easter  イースターのアウトドアー・ライフ

The Easter meetings at Karalaks Bible Camp were mostly held  at night. During the day it was time for outdoor life.

IMG_8567 (Medium)                            IMG_8569 (Medium)

On the lake below Karalaks Bible Camp the children made a hole in the ice.

湖に穴を 釣りが出来るように。しかし、子供達が一匹もとれませんでした。

IMG_8570 (Medium) IMG_8571 (Medium)With the help of their mother they managed to get through the  thick ice. Then it was time for fishing. The result? No fish! But the children had fun anyway.

Ashore some others made a campfire. キャンプファイアー

IMG_8563 (Medium)

IMG_8566 (Medium)Sausages were put on sticks and fried over the fire. Very delicious!

People  in Finnmark love this kind of outdoor life!

IMG_8559 (Medium)Why sit in the baby carriage, when you are dressed warmly enough to crawl around on the snow by yourself?

IMG_8560 (Medium)In Finnmark outdoor life starts early in life!


The snow is fun, yes, but crawling onto a reindeer hide is warmer…

IMG_8561 (Medium)

Finnmark is probably the prefecture with most snow mobiles in Norway (?). Those who do not start from their garden, put the snow mobile on their trailer and drive to the mountains.


Drivers, drive carefully! A reindeer may suddenly run across the road in front of your car.

IMG_8587 (Medium)          IMG_8586 (Medium)

I went skiing, but there was not much snow. A few places we had to take off our skis and walk across the moss.

In Stabbursdalen National Park(国立公園) you find the world’s northernmost pine forest (right, below).



IMG_8579 (Medium)          IMG_8582 (Medium)

Again… campfire and sausages. Norwegians love sitting in the sun.


IMG_8584 (Medium)

IMG_8581 (Medium)My lunch:

Smoked salmon – on boiled egg. Very delicious – especially in the North, and especially outdoor!


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