Another walk to Sweden またスウェデンへの散歩

IMG_8667 (Medium) In the middle of April I spent one week near the border to Sweden. I preached at meetings  in Østfold (prefecture).

I saw this road sign. Only 3 km to Sverige (Sweden)! So I went for a walk to see if the border was different from Trøndelag.

The road was rather desolate! No asphalt!


IMG_8644 (Medium)

Here is the border. 国境

IMG_8656 (Medium)

IMG_8648 (Medium) IMG_8650 (Medium)Looking left and right there is a stripe in the forest  = the border. 国境が森の中のストライプのようなところです。小さい雪のスポットとお花以外のものはありませんでした。森ばかり。

IMG_8655 (Medium)A little spot of snow  and some flowers – and forest… Nothing else!IMG_8654 (Medium)

But the speed limit was different on each side of the border.


 IMG_8646 (Medium)         IMG_8653 (Medium)

80 km on the Norwegian side. You have to slow down to 70 in Sweden. I am not sure I would like to drive that fast on such a road…! ノルウェーが80、スウェーデンが70。

IMG_8651 (Medium)Before you enter Norway: beware the fact that there are surveillance cameras somewhere along the road! We did not see any.


This road is probably used by smugglers sometimes. But there are controls…!

If you come driving from Sweden through the forest here this is the first view of civilization in Norway. スウェーデンから来ると最初に見える家が下の写真の通りです。

IMG_8658 (Medium)

I wondered how many would attend the meetings at night. I tell you, on Friday night almost 30 young people showed up! And at the family meeting on Saturday night about the same number attended: children, adults, elderly people. Everybody said that they were few that night. But to me it was amazing that so many people showed up when there are so few houses and so many trees…

森が多い、家が少ない所、集会に参加する人がいるでしょうかと思いました。しかし、金曜日の晩に30人ぐらいの若者が青年会 に参加しました。土曜日の晩、大体同じ人数がファミリー集会に出席しました。びっくりしました。

IMG_8676 (Medium)

Walking along roads during spring is very nice… 春の散歩 道端がきれいですね。

IMG_8670 (Medium)

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