The border town Halden 国境の町

In the middle of April I visited mission groups in Halden and near by. I had never visited this town before. Halden is a border town close to the Swedish border, southeast of Oslo.

In the old days the most likely enemy to invade Norway was Sweden. That is why there is a fortress in Halden. The Construction started in 1661. Nowadays it has no military significance, but is a popular tourist attraction.


Fredriksten Fortress

IMG_8640 (Medium)

IMG_8637 (Medium)          IMG_8639 (Medium)

The cannons point towards Sweden.

IMG_8634 (Medium)

The view is magnificent, but it rained the day I was there.

The fortress seen from below. 下から見る城。

IMG_8633 (Medium)

Many old houses below the fortress have been preserved. So Halden has both an old section and a new section. 古い町がよくまもられている。

IMG_8629 (Medium)

IMG_8630 (Medium)          IMG_8632 (Medium)

More information about Halden:

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