Some days on a farm 農場でのホームステイ

IMG_8731 (Medium)I spent the last days of April on a farm in Trøndelag (prefecture), northeast of Trondheim. The farmer, Jon Magne, was the contact person for our mission in that area. The drive from the airport went through a lot of forest, but there are villages and farms among all the trees, too! 4月末

From the farm you could see the bedehus (church/ prayer house/ 祈りの家)across the valley.

IMG_8729 (Medium)

From the bedehus you can see the farm.

IMG_8726 (Medium)

The first night about 9:30 pm «visitors» came to the field outside. I took pictures of them from the veranda. Deer often come close to the house. The meat in the stew for dinner the first night was actually deer shot from that veranda.


IMG_8694 (Medium)                          IMG_8695 (Medium)

 Every night new lambs were born in the barn. The daughter, Miriam (8), wanted to show me the little lambs, so she brought me to see them. Isn’t it cute? 生まれたばかりの子羊

IMG_8699 (Medium)

IMG_8709 (Medium)                           IMG_8736 (Medium)

IMG_8700 (Medium)          IMG_8706 (Medium)

There were cows and calves in the barn, too.

IMG_8717 (Medium)          IMG_8716 (Medium)

The son, Jonas (almost 15), plans to take over the farm in the future. He helps in the barn almost every day and enjoys it very much. 次男がよく手伝い、後継ぎになる予定。

IMG_8740 (Medium)

The road to church went through a farm.           Up in the mountains the snow mobiles were parked for the summer.

IMG_8724 (Medium)          IMG_8734 (Medium)

IMG_8733 (Medium)

IMG_8735 (Medium)The farmers go hunting for moose in the fall. Then they use this watch tower.            The most special dinner to be served in Trøndelag is sodd, a kind of soup.



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2 svar til Some days on a farm 農場でのホームステイ

  1. Else Marie sier:

    Du får jammen med deg mange ting på dine reiser dette året Kari. Fra landsbygda til stor by`n (om en skal kalle det stor by).

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