Visiting a missionary colleague 日本の元宣教師の訪問

When I travel around because of my work, I sometimes have the opportunity to visit missionary colleagues from Japan. After the meetings at Søvassli Bible Camp on May 1st I drove home with Else Marie Ledal. She lives at Kjørsvikbugen, a little village by the coast.


IMG_8755 (Medium)

Else Marie has a Japanese lantern in her garden. The walls inside are full of Japanese pictures. But the biggest surprise was the Japanese tatami room that she had furnished in  the other end of the garage building.


IMG_8757 (Medium)

IMG_8759 (Medium)She had even asked the carpenter to make a tokonoma. The scroll was a gift from Nima Lutheran Curch. The calligraphy (John 3:16) was done by the artist Hanyu (Shigeshi Nakashima), a deceased member of the Nima congregation.

Else Marie was for many years the principal of the kindergarden in Oda Lutheran Church, but she also assisted in the ministry in Nima Lutheran Church.


IMG_8758 (Medium)

The view from the windows is wonderful. 窓からのビューがきれいですね。

The nights are already quite light: 10:00 pm.          Hurtigruten – the Norwegian Coastal Express between Bergen and Kirkenes.

IMG_8752 (Medium)          IMG_8760 (Medium)

We also had time for walks. 散歩も出来ました。

IMG_8750 (Medium)          IMG_8754 (Medium)

This lake is called Ledalsvatnet – the Ledal Lake


IMG_8751 (Medium)

The following day I left by speedboat for Trondheim, where I preached and informed about my ministry in Japan on Saturday night (youth) and Sunday.


IMG_8761 (Medium)          IMG_8763 (Medium)

Approaching Trondheim

IMG_8764 (Medium)

Trondheim is famous for its cathedral, Nidarosdomen.

IMG_8766 (Medium)IMG_8767 (Medium)I arrived early in Trond-heim and walked a detour with my suitcase from the harbor to  Betania (the Mission’s Church in Trondheim).  I wanted to take pictures of this famous cathedral.

IMG_8770 (Medium)

トロンハイムに到着した時、青年会が始まるまで時間が ありました。それで、遠回りの散歩をして、この有名な大聖堂を見に行きました。ノルウェーの一番有名な教会だと思います。上の写真に見える壁が特に有名です。


レーダル先生を知っている日本人の皆様  レーダル先生から宜しく!

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2 svar til Visiting a missionary colleague 日本の元宣教師の訪問

  1. Inger Valbø sier:

    Artig å sjå deg og Else Marie i japansk stil. Har delt dette blogginnlegget på Else Marie si Facebook-side, så også hennar japanske venner kan sjå det.

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