Spring? 春とは?

May 19th I flew to Mosjøen. It is north of Trondheim, but south of Bodø. I visited a place called Hattfjelldal. The name of the little town comes from the mountain on the picture below. It looks like a hat, doesn’t it?

¤ Hatt = hat 帽子       ¤ fjell = mountain 山       ¤ dal = valley 谷

IMG_8852 (Medium)

While April was unusually warm, May has been unusually cold! May 30th the temperature was down to 3℃ in the morning where I was. But in Drammen the trees are green though. Coming to Hattfjelldal was like returning to winter! Actually some people I met went skiing.


The lake, Røssvatnet, was still covered by ice! This is the second largest lake in Norway.

IMG_8857 (Medium)

 But the snow was melting little by little. That is why the river was like a waterfall.


IMG_8858 (Medium)          IMG_8859 (Medium)

However, the hills were still quite white.

 IMG_8872 (Medium)         IMG_8873 (Medium)

But in some places quite much of the snow had disappeared. The higher mountains in the background are very white though.


IMG_8868 (Medium)

Timber was ready to be transported. It smelt very nice when I passed by. Some sqirrels played on the steps outside the cabin where I stayed.

IMG_8860 (Medium)          IMG_8874 (Medium)

At Hattfjelldal one meetings was held in the livingroom in an apartment building specially built for elderly people who can no longer live by themselves at home. The other meeting was in a classroom at the elementary school. Those who gathered there were people from many countries in Africa and Asia. Most of them were refugees waiting for an answer to their application for asylum in Norway. I remember especially a man from Afghanistan. He said: «I am a Muslim, who no longer want to be a Muslim. That religion does not give me answers. I want to know more about Jesus Christ and the Bible.» He took out a Bible from one of his pockets – a well read Bible written in his mother tongue. I spoke from the Bible in a mixture of English and Norwegian, using Bible pictures from Japan.

I had the opportunity to see the Hattfjelldal Church. Inside were timbered walls. That is quite unusual, I think . 教会の中の壁がログです。

IMG_8848 (Medium)          IMG_8847 (Medium)

Many of the Christians I met at Hattfjelldal asked me if I know Otto Sjelmo. Of course I do. He and his family lived at Hiruzen when I was a new missionary in Japan in 1980. Otto was the leader of Hiruzen Bible Camp, at that time called Hiruzen Agricultural Center. Otto was born in a small village by the lake a few more kilometers away from where I stayed. I was told that his relatives there are still praying for Japan, but I did not have an opportunity to meet them. The municipality, Hattfjelldal, coveres a wide area, but the population is only 1,463 (2011). From such a small population by this lake among the mountains in the north The Lord called a young man to go to Japan to preach the gospel…


IMG_8862 (Medium)

More information about Hattfjelldal:


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