Grand old ladies 元日本宣教師との再会

June 2nd I visited a mission group in Oslo. It was a house meeting at the home of Elsa Grønning (right  右), a former missionary to Japan. Beside Elsa in the picture is Astrid Bøe (left  左), another former missionary to Japan. They are both widows. They were married to Arne Grønning and Kåre Bøe.


IMG_8878 (Medium)

These grand old ladies have been members of a group called «Håpet» (Hope 希望) for many, many years. I visited the group in February 2008, too. But since then some of the members have passed away or can no longer attend for health reasons. However, some young ladies have joined the group.

IMG_8876 (Medium)

Elsa told me she has not been able to write letters to her Japanese friends in recent years. «Maybe they think I am dead or very sick», she said. As you can see from these pictures that is not so. We gathered in her home, and she had set the table very nicely, and even  made delicious cakes for us.

With these pictures Elsa and Astrid want to send their best greetings to everybody they know in Japan! You are not forgotten! You are in their prayers every day!



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