Visiting former missionaries 元日本宣教師の訪問 

In the middle of June I had the opportunity to visit more Japan missionaries on my way to a meeting. The blog readers in Japan probably recognize them.


IMG_8890 (Medium)

Magnus and Else Sørhus

IMG_8886 (Medium)Magnus was our mission’s field director in Japan when I first arrived there in 1980. In spite of high age he is still very young in his thoughts and talks. Both he and Else were eager to hear news from Japan. I enjoyed my visit and our conversation!


IMG_8891 (Medium)Daughter Marte Marie and her husband joined us for a while.


This family prays eagerly for Japan every day! And they all want to say «yoroshiku» to everybody they know in Japan who reads this blog.

IMG_8893 (Medium)All Japan missionaries have lots of Japanese things in their homes. No exception in the Sørhus home.

IMG_8895 (Medium)

IMG_8894 (Medium)




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