Blaafarveværket コバルトの工場

In the middle of June a friend from the north visited me in Drammen. Together with two more friends we drove to Blaafarveværket (the Blue Colour Works) in Modum. The drive  from Drammen takes about one hour.


IMG_8912 (Medium)

Cobalt was found in the hills a few km away. We did not visit those mines. What you see in the pictures is the place where they made the blue glass. The industry was started in the 1770s. It employed more than 2000 workers at the busiest time.

Since 1978 there has been an art gallery at Blaafarveværket. Photography is not allowed. You have to pay an entrace fee to see the exhibition, but everything else is free.

IMG_8899 (Medium)

The shop is full of blue things. お店に青い物がいっぱいあります。

IMG_8902 (Medium)          IMG_8896 (Medium)

IMG_8898 (Medium)IMG_8897 (Medium)Blue and white china is an old tradition in Japan. Did you know that they imported kobalt from Blaafarveværket? There is a little Japanese exhibition in the shop.


IMG_8900 (Medium) IMG_8901 (Medium)

Also other famous brands have got their blue color from Blaa-farveverket!

We had lunch here. Delicious rømmegrøt. 昼食

IMG_8905 (Medium)

 Another famous building.

IMG_8913 (Medium)Cobalt in a piece of rock.

IMG_8904 (Medium)

Haugfossen 39 m high waterfall 滝の高さ 39m

IMG_8907 (Medium)

The starting point of the waterfall 滝のスタート・ポイント

IMG_8911 (Medium)

There are some good trails at Blaafarveværket. A nice place for short walks. In the brown buildings there are some nice shops in an old-days atmosphere.


IMG_8908 (Medium)

More information about Blaafarveverket:

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