Summer flowers 懐かしい夏のお花

For several years I have been absent from Norway at this time of the year. The other day when I walked in the forest, it struck me how beautiful the summer flowers are. Here are some of the flowers I saw while walking in Strømsøåsen. But I do not know their English or Japanese names, so please, think of the names by yourself.


IMG_8920 (Medium)

IMG_8915 (Medium)

IMG_8925 (Medium)                         IMG_8945 (Medium)

IMG_8930 (Medium)          IMG_8931 (Medium)

ブルーベリーがまだ食べられません(右 下)

IMG_8943 (Medium)          IMG_8927 (Medium)

IMG_8950 (Medium)

IMG_8940 (Medium)          IMG_8935 (Medium)

IMG_8963 (Medium)                               IMG_8934 (Medium)

  IMG_8956 (Medium)    IMG_8964 (Medium)

IMG_8961 (Medium)          IMG_8968 (Medium)

IMG_8971 (Medium)

Many places in the Norwegian forest or in the mountains there are cabins that function as cafeterias during the weekends. The one below is in the forest near where I live.


IMG_8953 (Medium)          IMG_8972 (Medium)

It was nice and quiet in the forest. But when I started to descend the hill on my way home, I heard the roar of a big crowd. The noise came from the stadium below, where a soccer match was played. I must admit that I am not interested in soccer. I have never visited the stadium you see in the picture above, even though it is very close to my home.

森の中が静かでしたが、帰る途中たくさんの人々のやかましい声が聞こえました。サッカーの試合が山の下のスタヂオンにありました。(上 右)Drammen のチーム、Strømsgodset、がノルウェーで少し有名です。今、Real Madridのためにサッカーをやっている16歳の若者がDrammen出身で、スペインに行く前にここのスタジオンにプレーをしました。(Martin Ødegaard) 私はスタジオンのすぐ近くに住んでいますが、そこで試合を見たことはありません。

IMG_8977 (Medium)

The picture above was taken at 11:30 p.m. on June 21st – the longest day of the year. Compared to Japan we have long midsummer days in Drammen. But we do not have midnight sun. The sun sets about 10:00 p.m. North of the Arctic Circle the sun never sets at this time of the year… The flower pictures were all taken up in the hill that you see in the picture.

6月21日にこの山の森の中にお花の写真をとりました。同じ晩、午後11時30分この上の写真をとりました。日本と較べたら明るいですが、北ノルウェーに行ったら太陽が24時間見えます。Drammen では午後10時頃まで太陽を見ることが出来ます。

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