Midsummer night ミッドサマー・ナイト

In Norway many people celebrate midsummer night on June 23rd. This day is called Sankthans, in English St. John’s Eve. The name refers to John the Baptist in the Bible. In Luke chapter 1 we learn that he was born six months before Jesus, which means it is a  celebratebration of John the Baptist’s birth. However, this coincides with the June solstice, the longest and lightest day of the year. I think most Scandinavians have midsummer in mind more than John the Baptist. By the way, Swedes celebrate this evening much more than Norwegians.

6月23日: 聖ヨハネの前夜祭 この日の名前の意味についてはルカによる福音書1章と関係します。バプテスト・ヨハネはイエス様より6ヶ月先に生まれました。ヨハネの誕生を記念する日だそうですが、ほとんどのノルウェー人がミッドサマー・ナイトの祭りだと思っています。

What did I do at Sankthans?

I was in Mandal that night. And like most Norwegians, I went to the seashore.

IMG_8986 (Medium)

Norwegian Lutheran Mission’s congregation in Mandal arranged a barbecue event on a beach just outside the town. I attended because I was asked to give a message there. I must admit that I did not speak about John the Baptist, but about Jesus meeting Peter on a beach after His ressurection to give Peter a new start in life.

IMG_8995 (Medium) IMG_8988 (Medium)The evening started with barbecue and games. Some swans came to watch us.

プログラム: バーベキュー、ゲーム、礼拝、キャンプ・ファイア。私の担当 メッセージ

IMG_8985 (Medium)

The climax of the night is Sankthansbålet (camp fire). その晩のクライマックス

IMG_8991 (Medium)

Finally, it was time for clean up. The longest day of the year: sunset comes late and the evening is long. 最後は片付け。日が長い。午後10:30頃の写真(下 右)

IMG_8996 (Medium)          IMG_8997 (Medium)

The southern coast of Norway is very beautiful, isn’t it? Beaches and rocks and lots of islands.

IMG_8982 (Medium)

IMG_8981 (Medium) We also met this one while walking from the car to the beach.



More information about St. John’s Eve:


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