A summer consert 夏のコンサート

Every summer there are afternoon conserts at Blaafarveværket on Sundays. Very often local musicians give the conserts. And – it is free! The conserts are held in the building to the right in the picture below.

毎年夏の間コバルト工場(下 右の建物)に午後のコンサートが行なわれます。地元、近くの音楽者がよく頼まれます。

IMG_8912 (Medium)

July 5th I attended one of these conserts. Good friends from Drammen gave this consert. My friends in Nima probably recognize the pianist? Who is it?


IMG_9026 (Medium)

Irene Trønnes Strøm

IMG_9030 (Medium)

Irene played some piano pieces alone, but mainly accompanied her husband, Ole. He got his education from the Grieg Academy in Bergen. This time the theme was music from the Americas. Most of it was unknown to me, but very nice! (Irene and Ole, as well as Blaafarveværket, have given me their permission to publish these pictures.)


IMG_9033                    IMG_9031 (Medium)

At the end, instead of flowers, they got blue glass gifts (cobalt).


IMG_9034 (Medium)

Together with another friend, Hild Sagafos, Irene gave a concert at the Sand Museum in Nima, Japan, in June 2013. Her dream is once to give another concert there – with her husband! I am sure people in Nima would have enjoyed such a concert!



 PS  After this concert my camera was broken. Since I will live in Japan from September, I will wait till then to buy a new camera, or maybe have the old one repaired(?). Well…!

There will be no more July pictures, or August pictures, from Norway presented in this blog. But I have many nice pictures from different places in Norway taken during September last year, which I still have not had the chance to publish. I very much want to show you those pictures – from Troms, Hurtigruta, Maihaugen, Lillehammer, etc…! But in the middle of August I will also have to pack and get ready to leave Norway…!

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