Maihaugen – a museum worth visiting! 特別な博物館

At Lillehammer there is a very special museum! I really recommend everybody who visits Lillehammer to take time to see Maihaugen! The museum is arranged like a village, with several farms, a school, a stave church and more. You can walk around a whole day if you feel like. Some buildings can be seen inside, too.

I first visited when I was about ten years old. Last year, in September, I spent a day there and took many pictures. Here are some of them.

IMG_6620 (Medium)

The Bjørnstad farm is a rather big farm. Wealthy people lived there. 大きい農場

IMG_6617 (Medium)          IMG_6619 (Medium)

IMG_6612 (Medium)

Inside 部屋の中

IMG_6615 (Medium)

IMG_6616 (Medium)                         IMG_6614 (Medium)

IMG_6629 (Medium)          IMG_6611 (Medium)

IMG_6610 (Medium)In the old days people lived in log houses. ログハウス

A school house 小学校

IMG_6621 (Medium)

A smaller farm 小さい農場

 IMG_6622 (Medium)         IMG_6623 (Medium) A mountain summer farm 夏の間の農場

IMG_6626 (Medium)

The church 教会

IMG_6633 (Medium)

Maihaugen also has a section with old town houses. We can enter and see how the shop keeper family lived upstairs. 古い町

IMG_6636 (Medium)

An old station is also there. We can enter the train and look inside. The post car of the train was very special. 昔の駅と電車

IMG_6634 (Medium)          IMG_6635 (Medium)

There is also a residential area with one house from each decade of the last centuary.

More information about Maihaugen and Lillehammer:    (日本語)

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