A day in the mountains リレハメルの山へ

I visit Lillehammer several times a year, because my sister and her family live there. During the winter Lillehammer is a nice place for crosscountry skiing, during the rest of the year hiking in the surrounding mountains is very nice.


Here are some pictures from a day at Sjusjøen in early September last year – together with my sister and brother-in-law.

IMG_6648 (Medium)

In Norwegian mountains there are many trails marked with red Ts. It is the mark of the Norwegian Trekking Association (Den norske turistforening, DNT). This association maintains trekking trails and cabins in Norway. More information:



IMG_6638 (Medium)

This mountain area is not very steep. Autumn colors in the mountains can be seen from September.


IMG_6645 (Medium)                             IMG_6643 (Medium)

We met two fathers hiking with their little children, and they allowed me to publish their picture in my blog. Nature-loving parents usually start taking their children to the mountains when they are still babies.


IMG_6640 (Medium)          IMG_6649 (Medium)

There are lots of marshes (above, right) and lakes (below) 沼(上、右)と湖(下)がいっぱいあります。

IMG_6650 (Medium)

Many farmers let their cattle and sheep walk around freely during the summer. In September they walk around in the mountains to gather their sheep and take them home by car (below, right).

IMG_6655 (Medium)          IMG_6652 (Medium)


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