Going north in September (3) 9月に北ノルウェーへ(3)

Here comes the last part (3) from Northern Norway, and my last contribution from my one year stay in Norway. Actually, the following pictures were not taken in September, but during the first weekend of October last year. IMG_6801 (Medium)From Finnsnes I continued to Tromsø. I travelled by the express boat that goes back and forth between Harstad and Tromsø.  高速船でトロムソへ

IMG_6805 (Medium)


IMG_6804 (Medium)

IMG_6817 (Medium)   IMG_6818 (Medium)

Tromsø is, among others, famous for this church,  built after the Second World War.  The church is called Ishavskatedralen  (English: the Arctic Cathedral). 有名な教会 観光スポット

IMG_6816 (Medium)          IMG_6814 (Medium)

IMG_6815 (Medium)          IMG_6820 (Medium)

The main Church in Tromsø, called Domkirken.

IMG_6810 (Medium)          IMG_6811 (Medium)

I stayed at Fjellheim Bible School, owned by Norwegian Lutheran Mission. During the weekend there was a camp for children, while the students were home for their fall holiday. Saturday lunch was time for barbecue.


IMG_6823 (Medium)          IMG_6827 (Medium)

The view from our barbecue place was spectacular. The mountains across the sea are on Kvaløya, a beautiful island outside Tromsø.

IMG_6828 (Medium)

IMG_6824 (Medium)

IMG_6807 (Medium)

These two pictures were taken during the drive to a meeting at the oceanside of Kvaløya.

IMG_6809 (Medium)

More information about Tromsø and Ishavskatedralen (the Arctic Cathedral):


https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%83%88%E3%83%AD%E3%83%A0%E3%82%BD (日本語)



PS Goodbye, Norway! After one hour now I leave for Oslo Airport, Gardermoen…




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